The Difference Between ‘Infer’ and ‘Imply’

Berlin has been and gone… And so I need to draw a conclusion and nicely tie up this particular adventure. I have come home feeling brave and enthusiastic knowing that I can achieve anything, having survived probably the craziest blind date ever (apart from the current news story about the Tinder date who threw her… Continue reading The Difference Between ‘Infer’ and ‘Imply’

The Burden of Expectation

“Expectation is the root of all heartache” – Shakespeare I know having expectations often leads to disappointment but I’ve decided it’s pretty much impossible to enter into anything with no expectations at all – it’s against human nature. So I guess the key to enjoying this date and avoiding such disappointment is to have very… Continue reading The Burden of Expectation

Dating a TOSSer!

When I began talking to Alan, I immediately got a sense he was a deep thinker and the conversations we were having were fun but meaningful. I still know very little about him; his family, why he is single, why he lives in France, his relationship history, what he does (apart from paint naked and… Continue reading Dating a TOSSer!

A date in Berlin…

So I have a date in a couple of weeks…. Nothing unusual about that – I’ve had plenty over the past 4 years since I separated from my husband. But this one is going to be very different… I’m flying to Berlin to meet someone I ‘met’ online who lives in France and we are… Continue reading A date in Berlin…